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12-18-2003, 06:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Doug Evinou
I read that as well. in the sun, they report that he was hit from behind in a game and hasn't played since b/c of back problems, which is consistent with what has been reported during the radio broadcasts of the games

the leg injury report is erroneous as far as i know.

i just think his injuries have been a results of bad luck, not b/c he is a soft player. you could make the argument that his playing style puts him in positions to be injured, but i think it's just a stretch of bad luck myself. i wouldn't trade him just b/c of a few injuries, the kid is amazingly talented, and will work through this rough stretch imo.
I don't think he is a soft player at all but I do think he has problems with injury that if they are surfacing like they are now at this lvl what will they be like in the bigger harder hitting NHL? I also agree that he is a tremendous talent but if we were able to trade him in a package for a very good player I would based on the injuries. If not for those I would say he is untouchable.

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