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02-16-2013, 12:02 AM
Nalens Oga
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Favorite actor(ess): Bill Murray, Rowan Atkinson, Audrey Hepburn, Kristen Bell, Tom Hanks, Matthew Perry
Favorite movies: The Truman Show, Groundhog Day, Inception, Dark Knight Rises, Goodbye Lenin, Wanted, Green Street Hooligans
Favorite types of movies: mystery, comedy, or any good non-horror
Favorite TV Show: Community, The IT Crowd, US Office, 90s Simpsons, BBC's Sherlock, possibly House of Cards
Favorite type of music: Indie/rock/alternative/soft/pop-rock/whatever fancy name for modern guitar music
Favorite band/singer: kent, Keane, Arctic Monkeys, The National, Idlewild, Sportfreunde Stiller
Favorite album: Hopes & Fears by Keane and Swedish version of Hagnesta Hill by kent
Favorite book: 56 short stories and 4 novels of Sherlock Holmes, books related to hockey history
Favorite entertainment magazine: TheHockeyNews
Favorite Radio Show: Marek v Wyshynski Podcast; A View From Space with The Spaceman
Cherished possessions: Base hockey cards of notable retired players mainly from their last year or so and custom hockey cards, memories of the 90s

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