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02-16-2013, 01:05 AM
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Originally Posted by hossy316 View Post
Good for him!!

I honestly don't know for the life of me why there is not more speculation as to whether there was intent or not?? How is it that every so called "expert" commentator thinks the same and nobody is questioning Cooke's actions whatsoever?? It is not that clear cut......honestly, no pun untended.

The guy made his own bed, and should be questioned everytime he is involved in a play that he causes injury.

Sorry, that is not an everyday hockey play the wat he tried "pinning" him. If it was, there would be an injury like this every second night. Knee comes up, knee goes down.
Agree with your post. I live in Toronto, and I'm apalled how people are defending the incidant as accidental,..and giving Cooke the benefit of the doubt. Every hockey analyst and "hockey expert"? says it was accidental. To me, it's so obvious it was intent to injure. When you lift up your leg and skate,...and then step your skate down on the back of a player's leg(where there is no protection there) once Karlsson's leg was against the boards,.......what was Cooke doing? Cooke is a guy who deceptively injures players,.....down to a science. He tries to do it so discretely, it was just an accidental "hockey Play",...that occured at "hockey's fast pace". Matt Cooke has great balance on skates. I've seen him play many times,...and he has great balance on his skates. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

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