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02-16-2013, 12:59 AM
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Hamlet (1948)

The 2nd instalment Laurence Oliviers Shakespeare trilogy. This is my first direct experience with Hamlet, at least that I remember, so I don't have any prejudges against it for not being on stage or for any possible omissions or changes made for the screen. I really liked this film, my biggest complaint is that the language is hard to follow from time to time as a person with English as a 2nd language and no subtitles. Fortunately it wasn't a problem to follow the narrative. Laurence Olivier has a reputation for being one of the very best actors of all time, for obvious reasons I have never seen him on stage, and I have a limited experience with him in film (The Boys From Brazil and Henry V), but I like what I have seen already. But I found him to out of this world as Hamlet, his delivery and presence is simply out of this world.

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