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Originally Posted by Balej's Dance View Post
thanks alot for the help.

1) i'm near the 1/9 train, west side...but I could easily get to the letters. in fact, i want to visit that pier again, so I figure I need to get on the C if I'm not mistaken.

2) not sure if this is what you mean in budget. like 2.50 a slice, 16-18 a pie, 6-8 for sandwiches. i guess just average, nothing too high not expecting it to be bottom dollar cheap either.

3) yes, gourmet/brick oven would be best. also if you don't mind, any notable bakeries?
Well, Grimaldi's is going to be the only place near those parks/piers on the East River that fits that bill. If you just want romantic, but not necessarily pizza, the River Cafe (actually at the end of the street that Grimaldi's is on) is a great choice for the views alone, but it's pretty darned expensive - this is a suggestion for special occasions only.

As for other pizza places, I would suggest a place called Franny's on the border of Park Slope and Prospect Heights - Flatbush Avenue between Prospect Place and St. Marks Place (easiest by subway is the 2,3 to Bergen St. and then walk a block and a half). It's a real restaurant and more expensive than you suggested (they don't do by the slice, you sit down and order individual pies, which are good for one or two, depending on appetite) but more than worth it - best gourmet pizza in NY in my opinion. More info here:

As for other restaurants, others may have specific suggestions, but there are two really hopping drags for bars and restaurants that I know, 5th Avenue in the Slope and Smith Street in Brooklyn Heights (actually, I think Smith St. is technically in Boerum Hill, but most people don't know that neighborhood and it's close enough that it doesn't matter). There are tons and tons of good places on both. One thing I've enjoyed on occasion is walking over the Bridge and then making my way about 6 or 7 blocks through Downtown (or you can detour up through the Heights for a prettier walk) to a French place on the corner of Dean and Smith that has outdoor seating - perfect for a lovely spring afternoon/evening.

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