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02-16-2013, 01:25 AM
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Originally Posted by jojacinto2 View Post
Toronto fan, but I come in peace. I'm apalled the hockey media and all the "hockey experts" have declared this an accident and given Cooke the benefit of the doubt. They are either blind or worse. Even if it was any other player, other than Cooke, that did that,'s still such an obvious intent to injure. The fact it's Cooke,....makes it a slam dunk. Raises his leg and skate up just as they are approaching the boards, and then drops his leg and steps his skate on the back of Karlsson's leg(completely unprotected area). That's accidental? And the hockey media can't wait to rush to Cooke's defense and declare: IT'S AN ACCIDENT, GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!! Wow,....I think I've seen it all now. Wishing Karlsson and 100% recovery,...and wishing Chris Neil obliterates Cooke when they meet again. Neil has to do it,....because the NHL is to busy looking the other way,...whenever Cooke lays out a cheap shot, to take any action against him.

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