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Originally Posted by t0psh3lfclu7ch View Post
I think that the first line is doing well. They are producing points while protecting goals against. RNH has been a beast defensively, and Eberle will start finishing more once he re-gains his confidence from becoming a more total physical player. Hall has been a true leader, and this line will only get better statistically in time.

The second line is playing well offensively as well. Although they are letting in more goals against than the first, this is mainly due to Yakupovs rookie mistakes and the line still getting to know eachother with their assigned defensive responsibilities. This will get better in time. Gagner is maturing into a true hockey player, while Hemsky is showing that he's still got it. I expect this line to start protecting more goals against once Gagner has proven to himself and the team that he is worth his next contract, and builds his confidence in the transition game knowing that he will take advantage of opportunities that come.

For me the main problems lie within the 3rd and fourth lines who have barely any points. Losing Jones has been huge for us because we can't replace his numbers. Our 3rd line is producing less points than most other teams 4th lines and this needs to change immediately. A Glencross or Clowe type player is what we desperately need here, as well as a RW who can score like a Stafford.

Our 4th line desperately needs some speed, size, experience, and hockey smarts. Players who know hockey, know the tricks, and who can grind down and play old fashioned stick on the ice, work in the corners hockey. To me, MPS Lander and Harti will benefit more from greater ice-time in the AHL. We need guys here who know the game and who are reliable for more points and who can pass on some hockey smarts to the kids. For me a Boyle type might be nice down the middle with a side of ryan jones and ryan smyth. Having a langkow or an arnott in the pressbox will really help the kids learn the tricks as well. This is what we really need.

Defensively we are okay however its time to make some room for Klefbom etc.. and aquire some size in front of the net. Hejda from CLB and Ericksson from DET come to Mind. I would like to see Smid move on somewhere nice, as well as Whitney, Peckham, Plante and Potter.

Krueger is a great coach and is showing the world that he means business.

All in all I think this season will be used as a measuring stick, and the majority of the moves will be made towards the end, at the deadline, draft and in the off-season.

We are in a great position right now, only 5 or 6 peices away from a solid play-off team. With the amount of extra players and prospects we currently have, I think that only another top 5 pick will actually be of use to this team. If we arent in a position to draft someone who can come in and help immediately then we should be trading the picks for immediate help but this won't happen.

I feel extremely luck to have Doobie as our goalie, and know that getting rid of tamby will change nothing. I have the utmost faith in kevin lowe and tamby, to make deals, but i feel like we are going to use this season to groom hall ebs nuge yak shultz harti mps and lander, on our roster and accept the losing results rather than make trades for success now. I am fine with this, however I feel that without 3rd and 4th line scoring, our team will never live up to its potential.

Next season I expect us to be 2-3 peices away from contending, with those moves possibly coming at the deadline.

As for everyone else who is talking about statistics, lets all just remember why we are not at the top of our division.. It's because Eberle is in a slump. he has missed too many chances to count and many of our games results would have been different if he had capitalized. Our management relied on him a great deal in the design of this team, and hopefully he will snap out of it soon.
I think you're crazy. In no way is our top line doing well. They are tasked with providing the team with the 5on5 offense. They are the reason we are losing games.

Not to mention our system is completely broken. This team is severely under-performing. We don't need any more pieces until Koach Kruger figures out what to do with what he already has.

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