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Originally Posted by Aceekay View Post
Sure but most will not end up being good players either, you can't play with hypotheticals like that.

And the 2003 draft isn't a great example that was one of the best drafts ever.
We got the same guy drafting who drafted in 2003, can't see how people think we are getting all these stars out of this draft?

I understand every first round pick on these boards being hailed as future all time greats. Fact of the matter is very seldom does that happen. Unless you are drafting high where odds are much greater at getting a star. A Price or Galchenyuk then yes, Habs would get a core player. Every once in a blue moon you can fluke a pick and get a top player like a Koivu or Pacioretty late in first round. But that don't happen very often, for every one of them there will be a dozen Kostitsyns, Higgins, Fischers, Leblancs, Chipchuras, Ron Hainseys, etc....

In all likelihood the Habs will draft a Gauthier. At the draft he'll be hailed as next Bobby Smith. In fact, he'll be 21 or 22 before he makes it, third line player most of his career. Play on second line his career year, by time he's 27 or 28 he's gone from the organization.

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