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02-16-2013, 04:48 AM
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Originally Posted by cska78 View Post
so, I don't get, does anyone here think that the players currently playing for Dinamo Riga would stay in a so-called Latvian league? like before, when they played all over Europe or the players who are not good enough for DR now playing in every possible European dweller leagues?

KHL has a tone of issues, but it surely is easy to blaim someone for giving your country a chance to see a lot of decent teams and players.
No, no, no- nobody is thinking that Dinamo Riga players would stay in Latvian league. That's crazy. The only problem with Dinamo Riga for some people probably is that it also attracts a lot of local money (which there isn't that much anyway). About a third from RD budget comes from local sponsors, that means about 5 million USD and in future this will only increase. Some people believe that it would be better that this money would be freed up and invested in regional hockey clubs to make maybe not a very strong league but like a Danish one who would then export the talents to North American development system (like Bjorkstrand at the moment) or big leagues in the region- Elitserien, SM Liiga, KHL (through VHL)...

Of course it's bullsh** as if one day there was no Dinamo, these 5 million dollars magically would not just transfer to local small hockey clubs. Therefore it's not some kind of money that Dinamo Rīga has stolen from hockey environment, it's the money that the club has attracted and in big part because it's a big club and can offer benefits for this sponsorship that small Latvian league teams would never offer....

The underlying issue is not that people want Dinamo Riga players to play in the local league. Better level local league, as they say, is needed not to miss all the potential talents Latvia might have, because at the moment there are only two hockey pyramids in Latvia - Dinamo Rīga system (SK Rīga teams -> Juniors in MHL B and current Latvian league -> HK Rīga -> (Liepājas Metalurgs) -> Dinamo Rīga) and Liepājas Metalugs (LM youth teams -> LM in MHL B and Latvian league-> LM in BOL -> (Dinamo Rīga). People believe that it's not enough and youngsters from other hockey schools never have opportunity to develop as they might even lack a team in Latvian league. Of course Latvian league and all the (few) talents we have are scouted well by Dinamo and Liepājas Metalurgs, so I do not see a problem there but some believe that Latvia has so many hockey talents that are missed every day that we'd pobably be a medal contender if they all had a chance to develop at normal level....

So the issue is not primarily with Dinamo Rīga, only with money it attracts from local sponsors as some people think it would be more wisely spent on youth and regional hockey development but, of course, there's no guarantee that if Dinamo did not exist even 10% of this money would go there....

I personally believe that a stronger Latvian league (6-7 teams of Liepāja Metalurgs current level) and Dinamo Rīga system do not exclude each other and in future, better economic climate, it would be an ideal situation in Latvian hockey- in the even of collapse of Dinamo Rīga we could at least ''retreat'' to the local league, as some kind of structure for youth development, but some people think that Dinamo Riga and local league exclude each other and there will never be one if another is existing.

Partially i understand the fears of people like Namejs because if Dinamo Rīga collapses, then with it all the youth hockey structure in Riga collapses. Ok maybe MHL club can survive, but without Dinamo there's no pyramid top in Riga and Liepāja alone cannot take on all the talent that's in Latvia. But that's the current situation and hopefully with economy improving, the situation will improve too.

In short, this is not an issue concerning already established players. Nobody would want to see them in Latvian league. This is an issue regarding prospects and mostly those prospects that are outside of Dinamo or Liepāja system, in regions, that people feel in current situation cannot deveop as there are only few really good development opportunities (either you get into HK Rīga or Liepājas Metalurgs MHL B team, otherwise you do not have a room to grow in Latvia as a youngster). Also we have a ton of prospects that play abroad that might indicate this. Consider HK Riga in MHL if it had Lipsbergs, Jevpalovs, Rosinskis and Kulda (1994) from CHL leagues, Bļugers (1994) from NCAA, Girgensons (well, he'd probably be already in Dinamo or Liepāja) 1994 and Pelšs (1992) in AHL, Kļaviņš in Elitserien (1993), Andersons in Switzerland juniors/NLA (1993), Koļesņikovs is in Norvegian league (1992), Zuševics in EBEL (1994) etc. You Russians have a problem with youngsters leaving to CHL to develop when 1 or 2 top talents from an MHL team of some town leave. We have all our top prospects of the age from Riga abroad..... except Bukarts. I've written a lot already but under all these issues it's the same old ''CHL (or in this case maybe not CHL, but any foreign league a player must go to for development) ruins talents'' discussion you have regarding Russian talents. People believe that if better development opportunities (and more of them) would exist in Latvia, less talents would leave.... People leave HK Riga too but at least for CHL leagues or other MHL clubs and equivalent, but so many promising talents go to develop in Norway or Austria.... Not because they will learn better hockey there but just because they have better conditions and bigger certainty about their development there.

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