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02-16-2013, 04:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Nail and Nuge View Post
I think puck luck is the biggest cop out message. 13 game into the season and our top line has been garbage offensively. Everyone is lauding their defensive play; no offense, but we didn't select Hall and RNH for their shut down abilities. I love the Nuge. He is far and away my favorite Oiler, but he has looked dreadful this year offensively. You can tell on the half wall on the PP that he is not comfortable. If the guys needs surgery for the love of J just shut him down and rehab for next year. Something is very wrong with him currently.
Defensive capabilities can suck an egg, especially when it comes to Hall, Eberle, etc. RNH is a different story, as we knew he'd be a two way dynamo.

It's true. It's a lame excuse, but the chances are there. We'll start potting them in soon enough.

I'm weirdly optimistic tonight.

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