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02-16-2013, 05:12 AM
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Dont the NHL get more fans in USA and the rest of the world if there is a olympic with NHL-players? Then i really think they do benifit from it. By the way its's a pretty disgusting point-of-view that everything must benifit you. Every year the NHL takes the best players from Europe for money much less then what they´re worth, is it so much to ask that they repay those countries by allowing their players to play a olympics every fourth year?

In every other sports they understand that in order to get the sport to grow , you must have a big national team tournament with the best players. World cup of hockey wont do it, as it felt pretty biased. Canadian referees during canadian games if i remember correctly. Also there was no qualification, so it's kinda of irrelavant for pretty good hockey countries like Slovenia, Belarus, Norway, and big countries like France, Ukraine, Poland, GB, even Italy and Spain and so on where people probably would watch the olympics hockey because it's the olympics. And at national team tournament should not be played in so many locations.

If the NHL choose not to parcipitate in the olympics i think they shoot themselves in the foot because it's a great way to increase NHL-interest worldwide.

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