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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
Gotta say, I'm still waiting to see any evidence or proof of any judgment that wasn't completely erroneous. Your trade proposals are patently absurd, and this one is no different.
You're entitled to your opinion of my commentary. However that is opinion, as to objective qualification, your comments in bold are proven to be both wrong and excessive.

As and for just one example, the most recent is that JT Miller was in fact worth calling up to take a look, and despite yes, I admit he would benefit from more development, he would cut the mustard when he got here.

I got that completely right, and I was in the minority of a handful saying so.

Stepan could only be traded in a deal that brings back a better, equally young center. That's it. That's the only possible logic towards trading Stepan. Suggesting otherwise has no basis in reality.
IMO, no that's being closeminded. Detractors who say stuff like this ^ ignore what is undeniably actual reality: so as life is not an isolated snapshot but a moving picture of multiple images combined, so is a club's trade results, overall, not limited to just one deal but the totality of moves made.

If Stepan+ gets you Yandle, Yandle makes Girardi expendable, Girardi gets you a better C than Stepan.
You look at the net result of ALL deals.

Stepan for Yandle is a complete fantasy.
I believe I have emphasized it would be Stepan + not just Stepan, and Stepan for Yandle was used as to principals, so a final deal would have to be Stepan + for Yandle +.

You ignored the qualification I posted about how there have been so many threads about Coyotes D, possibly even Yandle, being moved for acceptable Fs in return.

Therefore, it is NOT because, ego sum, I AM, by fiat, saying this is so, that it is in fact so as though it were some type of edict; this deal is possible in some incarnation because the real truth is

Phx has desire to improve at F and has enough D it could move Yandle for the right return.
Rangers desire/need to further improve, and could offer Stepan, and should do so on principle if ANY upgrade, not just only upgrade at C, is end result regardless of fact that Miller can step in/

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