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02-16-2013, 06:57 AM
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the only clavicle injury someone would have would be a fractured clavicle. that has nothing to do with the shoulder. it's like saying that a torn bicep is a shoulder injury.

in sports, when you talk about a shoulder injury, you are almost refering to the socket. i.e. a dislocation/separation. i'm trying to imagine a situation where someone injured their scapula and I can't.

separated shoulder/rotator cuff = typically cannot rotate your arm in the shoulder socket
clavicle fracture = you will feel it once your arm gets close to being parallel to the ground. also felt when reaching forward.

looking at the replay, it could easily be either. the impact may have caused separation or it could have fractured his clavicle. a guess would be that it is his shoulder. it wasn't that hard of a hit and even if it was his previously-fractured clavicle, the bone would be healed and like new by now. i also assume he had a plate put in.

oh, my resume? health care professional. have studied anatomy. and i've fractured my clavicle i.e. not my shoulder

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