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02-16-2013, 07:16 AM
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Originally Posted by BBKers View Post
Um no. Hags is the better skater. The better hustler. Maybe a bit better defensively. But Fast has the much higher upside, can dangle like a real Swede and has a much better hockey sense. He effortlessly gets many scoring chances per game due to this hockey sense, while Hagelin has to work like a maniac to get them. He is a real "finisher" too, buy that still needs to work considerably on improving his softish shot - something everybody says and he knows about. He is going to be slightly bigger than Hags too, but that has no real importance here. Fast has genuine 2nd line NHL talent with a consistent higher PPG production roof than Hagelin. By far. And I really like Hags and what he provides. But they are not comparable in any way on the ice other than carrying the same passport IMO. But maybe that is what you were trying to say and I just got it wrong ??
So if he has a softish shot how is he a real finisher? Or at least how was would he be a real finisher at the NHL level?

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