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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
Fortunately Twin Peaks is funny as hell too - just uncategorizable. There are moments in that series that made me laugh harder than just about any comedy (shooting range scene, anyone?).

Also, Gordon Cole is the bomb. And Shelly's about the sexiest thing on two legs.
So many babes on that show it's maddening. Looking back, they are still all very pleasing to the eyes, aided heavily by not get mixed up in any of those disastrous hair trends of the late 80's/early 90's. There is a woman I work work with who looks A LOT like one of the characters in her prime. If all goes according to plan and I get a new job in a few years, I might plant one on her Gordon Cole-style on my way out and head to the closest diner for some coffee & cherry pie (we used to flirt some, I think?).

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