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Originally Posted by CasualFan View Post
It's impossible for me to not sound like a jerk on this, so I won't even try to preface it. It appears that the link above is using the Fan Cost Index by TMR as the primary source of information. There's a [Standard TMR Disclaimer] that you can find in BOH archives that will provide a rather complete assessment of why it's not a good idea to use TMR figures.

The author also appears to be using ESPN or similar attendance numbers. As the BK documents show, those numbers are significantly inflated over the true drop count. So pretty much all the data used is corrupt.
"... you can start to see how hockey in the desert can become a profitable venture to any potential new owners."
The author is pretty much alone on an island with that conclusion. Well, maybe not alone. Ice Edge and Matt Hulsizer may be enjoying colorful umbrella drinks with him. I'll probably get more nasty messages for saying it, but that article is a moonbeam assessment of the NHL in Glendale.
I'd say that this is pretty much dead on as far as a critique of the article at hand. Not sure why any nasty messages would be justified.

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