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02-16-2013, 08:27 AM
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Ok, Spartak v Slovan game was not at KHL game center. If it was, how many people would buy it? 10? More? If KHL game center was great and you can pay via PayPal, how many people would buy the game? 20? More? I am sure that Slovaks would not pay for it, not more than 1000 guys. Pirate streams are famous here.

Many people say that KHL and clubs are throwing money out of window. It reminds me this situation with Spartak v Slovan game if was available via KHL game center. costs >>>>>profit

I am not talking about TV. If Sport TV cared, they could send crew to Moscow. Oh yeah, only KHL is to blame!

To sum up, KHL has priority to make better television broadcasting, Game center at website is not priority, because income from broadcasting is much higher. People in Europe/Russia are not used to pay for sport games, not in thousands/milions people as in N.America.
Believe me, KHL is making on HD, maybe 90% of play-off will be in HD. Depends on broadcaster.

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