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Originally Posted by Motown Beatdown View Post
He extends his lef leg to the left and steps down on the guys leg. We're taking about a dirty gutless puke of a player. He does not get the benefit of the doubt here. Remember his cheap shot on Savard, he tried to make that look like an "innocent" hockey play too. Just skating by and leaning into savards head.
He absolutely should have been banned from the league after the McDonagh cheap shot. It was so strikingly similar to how he tried to end Savard that it was obvious he would never learn. I really do find the Pen's fans exhaustive defense of him kind of laughable. He played one year without trying to end a stars career we should all forget everything he has done in the past?

However, there is no way he had a premeditated intent to sever EK's achilles there. He was definitely trying to put EK into a vulnerable position and run him into the boards, perhaps he even intended to give a little kick to give it a little extra. But I seriously doubt he could have ever dreamed of pulling off such a precise strike to a not usually vulnerable body part.

Very unfortunate for EK and as long as a Cooke is in the league he will continue to injure star players. He does not have isolated incidents its a complete trend with him and it will not stop.

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