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02-16-2013, 08:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
Although there were talks that Dinamo Riga might get a bit bigger budger next season,but it will still probably be one of the smallest in the league.
Why can`t we get a rich owner whos willing to spend huge amount of money on our club?
We don't need that big budget because it will only lead to overpaying local players to keep them in the club and overpaying foreigners who will contribute nothing. The same problems that other KHL teams face all the time. Lithuanian national basketball team didn't become great because Zalgiris had money- they never had money, instead they had to develop talents and sell their players to bigger clubs to get money and raise these players' level.

Sure making play-offs will not become easier with KHL expansion and budgets becoming better but it's not because of money we played as bad as we did this year and not even because of players leaving. Everything was simply done wrong before the season (Galviņs as captain, Rautakallio's stubborness, failed foreigner choice, add to that lockout which elevated some teams to compltely different level and created blowouts for us). Severstal has a bigger budget but not much but they are nr. 5 in West currently, Slovan is nr.6... We could as well be in nr.6 if we had done everything right. Or even if we did not make play-offs, we could have played with heart all the time and fight till the end for them, like Donbass now....

Sure we're not Gagarin Cup contender but it's the stupidity of club owners that harm the club at the moment. It's the same thing why we have bad roads in Latvia and municipality big wigs in jeeps. They ''save'' on things that are esential (roads) and spend on things that are not essential (their jeeps)...... The same with Dinamo Rīga I believe...

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