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02-16-2013, 08:59 AM
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I am all for a victory song! Please something better than the Flyers victory song..

You guys should find a dallas or texas based rock band and use one of their songs, similar to what the Flyers did with that song.

Also you want to know who won us the game? Garbutt, Fiddler & Nystrom. They absolute destroyed the crowd, i've never seen anything like that. After Henrik set the record, the crowd did not stop buzzing for over 3 straight minutes, that was at 10:00 left in the 2nd when they scored. The fights happened 5 minutes later and like i said, those 3 fights destroyed the atmosphere. Before the fights you could tell this was going to be all Vancouver and it wasn't going to be pretty. Our godlike goalie goes out with an injury, and after letting up 7 goals our back up comes in and almost plays perfectly!

What a fun game to watch.

The standing ovation:

Here are the fights:

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