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Originally Posted by dutchy29 View Post
I personally think Eller will not amount to much more than 3rd liner, could manage 2nd line but only with proven linemates. To me he just seems to lack heart, no grit. just my opinion
You and I have differing views on heart and grit it seems. I think he has both,nothing has shown he lacks either. In fact, with the way he has been handled in Montreal since his arrival, its amazing he signed with us for nothing last summer and doesn't pout about his lack of ice time this year.

Also, if he does wind up "only" a defensively reliable (which he already is) Center who can easily chip in 40 points and cover 2nd line minutes in a pinch,we're laughing. That's a great thing to have considering who the 2 centers ahead of him should be. That's a luxury a lot of teams don't have, and if Galchenyuk winds up as good as we think he could be, and Eller stays even just at what he already is, we'd have arguably the best center depth in the league behind maybe only a couple of teams. Plekanec is so underrated outside of Montreal. He's a top 30 center in this league and has proved it time and time again. If you want to argue he's a 2nd line center, then he's one of the best 2nd liner in the NHL. Don't want to jinx anything but we all know at least the potential Galchenyuk has so if he hits it..find me 5 teams with better centers than that?

I hope if someone has to be traded (personally I'd try DD on wing..why this hasn't happened yet is beyond me) I'd have to let DD go. I think we would regret it terribly if we let Eller go. Unless its a really hard to say no to trade, I wouldn't move him over DD if it comes down to that.

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