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Originally Posted by Stars23 View Post
You should because you're trying to start a fight and I'm here for discussing the game, but you seem intent on trolling by:
I am enjoying your "who me?!" act. The very first sentence in your OP is a lie. The game ended as a tie, and yet you say that USSR actually won. The very next sentence involves you saying that the refs were basically Team Canada members, and then they colluded to keep the team from losing to USSR. You then lie, or at the very least mislead, about the age of the Soviet team to make their performance seem significantly more impressive. I mainly see wishful thinking.

Originally Posted by Stars23 View Post
Going to report this to a Mod if you continue.
Feel free.

Originally Posted by Stars23 View Post
Now stop acting like this, and show some respect to opinions without going crazy.
I am posting about your opinion, and the content of the posts. Both of which are pretty poor, and thus my own posts convey this.

Originally Posted by Stars23 View Post
Sorry here

Thank you for posting the video. Now, I agree that the goal puck probably completely crossed the threshold, though just barely. That said, the video is not conclusive due to the terrible angle. It doesn't look like the ref had a very good angle either. The refs undoubtedly did prefer Canada, but this non-goal is not exactly proof of collusion as you have stated.

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