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02-16-2013, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by gosinger View Post
...had my first 5 minute penalty for fighting (lowest possible level of beer-league, but with full-contact).

Was in the left corner, heard the refs whistle, turned around and saw my center flat on his stomach, with a guy twice his size sitting on his back and pounding his fists on the back of my teammates helmet. I threw away my stick, raced there and punched him in the face then dragged him off by his jersey. Refs and players from both teams came in to separate us, ended up being a 5 minute penalty for both of us.

On the bench the ref told me had I not intervened the other guy would have been given a game-misconduct (he attacked my center from behind, shoved him to the ground then jumped on him, with no puck anywhere near the play). So here is my question, was I right to step in? My teammate was defenseless, and if he hadn't worn a cage or had lost his helmet the beating could have caused significant injuries. He had no chance to fight back, so I feel I had to get in there...
It sounds that he was basically trying to kill your guy. You did the right thing interfering, just the punch in the face was a bit too much.

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