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02-16-2013, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
But...Kadri was drafted 7th overall.

I don't believe DB hands out icetime based on draft seems totally contrary to his philosophy. As I think we're finding out, DB defers to proven vets over young players unless those young players are genuinely talented enough to justify the gaffes by being a net positive in short order, a la Bennett and Despres.

If they project to be complementary or meat-and-potato guys, they have to consistently prove themselves capable of playing effective, responsible hockey in limited roles if they want a shot at cracking the roster. And even then nothing is guaranteed.

Wouldn't put too much stock in the first game a player plays against his former team, either. Lots of adrenaline. Let's see how Tango does over the long haul.
Right. And people make it out to be a Bylsma thing when similarly touted coaches have done worse with better talent. Julien had Seguin as a healthy scratch on several occasions, bounced him around the lineup, relegated him to the 4th line etc., gave him 12 minutes a game and he turned out just fine. Larsson was a healthy scratch a few times early on in the season. For as brilliant as Tarasenko has looked, he's averaging less ice time than TK over the past two years. Lord knows that we'd get people complaining left and right if we had a talent of that caliber getting less ice time than Dupuis.

What Bylsma does with young players is more less in line with what every other coach does. The reason Tangradi failed is not because he was afraid to make mistakes, it's because he showed literally nothing during the majority of his stint with the Penguins. And when I say nothing, I mean just that. If he goes on to have success with the Jets, which I'd be surprised, I'd mark it up as a player needing a change of scenery. I don't want to hear that he was doomed to fail here. He had opportunities to make an impact, to show a little something, and he blew it. Time and time again. It didn't matter whether or not he was playing alongside Malkin or Craig Adams. The same player who was behind the play, slow to react, and unable to create for himself or others showed up every shift. If that wasn't enough, he was outbattled for pucks by guys a fraction his size with regularity. This whole notion that we should have cemented his spot in the lineup and given him a consistent 12-15 minutes a game to develop him is laughable. Show me another team that hands out scoring roles to mediocre prospects and I'll show you a lottery team.

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