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02-16-2013, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by ErikKarlsson View Post
At this point I'm most angry at the officials, the puck went out of play about 10 seconds before the injury and out of 4 those ****ers, not one even sees it and it ends up with Karlsson out for the season. Just another day watching the NHL with game and season changing no calls happening everyday.
Agree. Anything that happens from this point forward comes back to this blown call. Specifically, those 4 officials are responsible for any accident involving any player replacing Karlsson; or in fact anyone that saw or heard about the incident, or not, doing anything that they might not have done otherwise if the Universe had continued to unfold as it should have, if not for the incompetence of those 4 on that play... they are to blame. I'm going to sue them myself for an accident that happened last week...the causality is somewhat convoluted, but I think I have a case.

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