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02-16-2013, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
I've gone over this dozens of times: if high end talented kids like Schenn/Kadri, etc need steady minutes to prove themselves, how the hell do people expect less talented players like Tangradi to reach his potential getting three shifts a period, on a good night?
That really doesn't explain the Kadri example, but moving on...

The point is that to a contender like the Pens, lower-ceiling guys like Tangradi reaching their potential is not worth dealing with their NHL birth pangs. If they can get their act together in the A and prove it nightly with limited NHL auditions, then they might stick.

We're not going to hand them roster spots while they sort it out.

Last season Tangradi earned fourth line minutes and DB gave his time to waiver wire fodder. This season he gave him a half assed chance in the top six, then gave a guy like Boychuk a legit chance. Sorry bro, but that is some BS. Boychuk has blown way more opportunities than Tangradi.
Boychuk created more chances in his first game here than Tangradi did in his entire Penguin career. Because he is more skilled.

I'm not saying he's the answer in the top 6. But that should show just how unextraordinary a player/prospect Tangradi is.

Bort is on the bench and Engo is the guy who should be there. I'm a big Engo fan, but I don't make excuses for guys who are playing poorly.

Despres minutes have been cut severely and BB is only in the lineup because DB has run out of options. Let's not pretend like he cut/benched a vet so BB could get a chance.
I didn't see the Jets game so I can't comment there, but I have no problem with how Engo is playing. I like Bort, but I don't see how he brings any more to the table than Engo at this point. And again, this goes back to lesser-skilled guys having to prove themselves over time in limited roles. Bort is not Bennett or Despres.

Despres' minutes have been cut because the top 4 is healthy again, which could not be more understandable. He still got a regular roster spot over more tenured defensemen to start the year, which used to be the knock against DB. You say "let's not pretend like he cut/benched a vet so BB could get a chance", but that's exactly what he did to keep Despres in the line-up.

I suspect BB will succeed because of his talent/lack of any options left, more so than DB being patient with him.
The mere fact that BB is playing right now debunks that, Jig. If we believed everything DB's critics say about him, we'd be promoting Riley Holzapfel ahead of him. Or playing Jeffrey ahead of him.

Not the case.

Vitale is a meat and potatoes guy that would of never made this roster if Crosby was hurt. I am 100% sure DB doesn't cut a vet for him last season. Vitale would of never made it through the waiver wire, just like Strait. Where would this team be without a meat and potatoes guy like him?

Even though he busts his ass and works harder than every player on the ice, he still gets benched. How many times have people said "if Vitale gets benched again...." And it still happens.
I like Vitale - he's been a great 4th liner for us. But he's still a young 4th liner and has to keep earning his spot, and I have no problem with that.

It's just funny how many of us have called out DB for this and now we have Tangradi and Strait echoing the same thing, but they are just cry babies.

Waiver-eligible prospect gets waived/traded for peanuts and talks about getting an opportunity in the new place that he didn't get in the old. Stop the ****ing presses.

After bouncing between the NHL and AHL -- spending a lot more time in the minors -- the past four seasons, Boychuk is grateful for a fresh start.

"It's nice to get a chance," Boychuk said. "I want to be a full-time NHL player.

"I feel like I have the skills to do that. Now that Pittsburgh's giving me that opportunity, I hope to take advantage of it."

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