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02-16-2013, 10:45 AM
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First few comments seem about right, same thing I read and wrote about. Last few comments about injury and suffered around big city environment is new to me, and does not sound right.

Grew up in the farmlands of Minnesota. Hardworking kid who had a natural talent for hockey with a great skating ability, and good stickhandling on top of a gritty minnesota style of play.

Highly successful for Minnesota. Which is really a treat because NCAA hockey at around that time was all about Canadians who could not make the NHL or couldnt make it YET. Minnesota was really the only NCAA college hockey program that really dedicated to the growth of American hockey.
Around 140 points in about 100 games. One of Herbs favroite players because he was extremely well rounded and gifted.

Played about 60 games for USA in 79-80 and scored 52 points. Another treat because remember Americans did not have much depth and were a bunch of college kids, Canadians were on their way to the NHL, Soviets were among the best in the world, Swedes, Fins were semi pros and Czechs were on the same boat with the Soviets.

Went to play for the Rangers under Herb Brooks and nearly averaged a ppg under him. But when Ted Sator came into coach the team.

He said the game was no longer fun. Dump and chase was not his style. He did not enjoy having the puck and knowing his entire team wanted him to dump it. Brooks style worked for years and there was no reaosn to change it.

He retired because he no longer cared about the game. He retired to go live in Minnesota with his wife who was artist (recently passed away). He lived the easy life of fishing, amateur hockey, hunting and music.

When Brooks was named North Stars coach, he convinced Pavelich to come back. Nearly a PPG but here is where I am not sure what happened or why he left. Ill look more into it

He then went to go play in Italy. I love when guys r well traveled. He dominatd the league.

3 years later he was drafted nin the expansion draft by San Jose. He gave it a go, but it didnt excite him and he went back to retirement.

This is a original story of one gifted man who truly just loves the game from where it should be loved. The speed, the control, the teamwork. He didnt like the lifestyle of a pro under most coaches and though hs career was short. He had a very exciting hockey career. He is really an underrated player because ofhis short time

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