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02-16-2013, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Kaizen View Post
I saw where Moyes had a personal guarantee with the league re: the Coyotes.
Did COG also have a guarantee from Moyes? Personal guarantees theoretically are supposed to survive bankruptcies - can COG not go after Moyes if the team does actually move?

Can the NHL still call on Moyes to make good on his guarantee if the team is sold locally for a loss?

Has anyone seen the guarantee Moyes signed - I'm curious as to what the conditions/parameters of the guarantee might be.
The NHL's suit against Moyes was transferred from NY (where the NHL filed) to Arizona recently. Nothing has been decided re: the Moyes personal guarantee.

The CoG did agree to void the AMULA when it threw its weight behind the NHL's bid. The NHL has blood all over its hands. The problem is no reporter has really done the digging or asked the hard questions to point out just how much the NHL has screwed the CoG. And, much like Atlanta, no one will. The NHL will ride off to another market and the Coyote saga may be discussed at some level locally, but it will not damage the NHL's reputation.

There simply is no one willing to call out the NHL and hold them accountable. And, the CoG trusted the NHL three years ago, and Judge Baum tried to warn the City that money on the table weighs more than money offered as a promise.

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