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Originally Posted by Nail and Nuge View Post
I think puck luck is the biggest cop out message. 13 game into the season and our top line has been garbage offensively. Everyone is lauding their defensive play; no offense, but we didn't select Hall and RNH for their shut down abilities. I love the Nuge. He is far and away my favorite Oiler, but he has looked dreadful this year offensively. You can tell on the half wall on the PP that he is not comfortable. If the guys needs surgery for the love of J just shut him down and rehab for next year. Something is very wrong with him currently.
People are overstating the "defensive ability of our topline.

Any difference between first line and second line is largely attributable to D pairings.

For instance these are the 5 on 5 D pairing on ice percentages if you're RNH:

J Schultz 49 N Schultz 40 Smid 34 Petry 33 Whitney 17 Potter 14

If your name is Sam Gagner you're seeing:

Petry 37 Smid 35 J Schultz 34 N Schultz 31 Whitney 24 Potter 21

Note as well that if Whitney had not been benched for 3games his matching with the Gagner line based on minutes played per game would put him up there with Petry.

The intent of the club is to get the the better D pairings, and particularly J Schultz out more with the topline. To match I guess what they were doing in OKC. Right not J Schultz is head and shoulders the best D on this club, Whitney, Potter the worst. The vast differential in d quality on this club means that who you're playing with is extremely important.

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