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02-16-2013, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
None of them are, which is something of a relief for me. But we've already had one ill-conceived bitter fan protest re: front office decisions, and I would much prefer that if there is to be another that it not be over our "inability to lose". **** that ****.
I may disagree with some of your views but this is something that I agree with 110%. It is one thing to complain that the team you love is being run badly, but it is another entirely to advocate losing.

Actually on topic for once in the last few pages I just spent some time going over highlights/film of Drouin and it really changed my opinion of him. I'm still worried about his game translating to the NHL (he tries to make the flashy play all the time, he does not simplify his game) but the hockey intelligence the kid has really is starting to win me over. He has a sixth sense of where people will be and has the instincts to know so that he can best make use of his linemates. If he can toughen up and simplify his game I would not be shocked to see him become a slightly larger St. Louis.

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