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02-16-2013, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Puhis View Post
I don't get it. We have plenty of guys who COULD be forechecking.

1st line Parise and Koivu, they do it already.

2nd line, well, Brodziak and Seto? And Granlund can do it, too.

3rd line we have Clutterbuck and Cullen, who can both feed Bouchard who is an expert playmaker still.

4th line, well, everyone, really. Mitchell, Rupp and Konopka are all good in what they do.

Should they try some puck possession game in top 6? Absolutely. There's no reason why Parise, Koivu, Granlund or even Seto can't bring it to the zone. Let them do it. 3rd and 4th can dump and chase all they want, they have the speed and grit to do it.

Only if it was that easy... *sigh*.

Still, I trust Yeo. The team is still green, and let's face it, Colorado utilized their rotten D very well against us, just like we did to many teams last year. That being said, I don't think Yeo can actually coach "skill plays", and it makes sense, really. Aeros were not exactly soft when he coached them, and last year we won many games thanks to our heart more than the superior skill and tactics. Now that we'd have the skill to win games, we can't utilize it because we play like underdogs and challengers.

Just my 0.02 on the subject.
That's an interesting point I had not thought of. The problem is, I cannot immediately disagree... If this really is the case, it does not make Yeo look good.

Yeo really does seem to get outcoached sometimes. While heart and soul are always great, when you have skill, it needs to be used as well. For once the Wild actually have a good amount of skill.

One of my main impressions of Yeo, is that he is a complete control freak. That can be fine sometimes, but when you have talent and situations call for you to be flexible and clever, I don't know if he's up to that challenge. He doesn't seem to be one of those coaches who can bring out the best in all his players. It seems like it's his way and that's it. His was is not bad, it's just limited.

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