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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
More fallacy. Teams play 50% of their games on the road where the other team has last change. This 'sheltering' bit is a good deal of bunk most of the time. You either play against the other teams top offensive line or their top checking line, you don't play against both but this is what people seem to think Horcoff has been doing for years.

Out top line eihter gets the other teams top skilled line or their checking line, no one gets a free ride in the NHL. The problem with our top lines scoring? The line has fallen into the classic oiler trap of never having a three man rush up the ice. We seem to have MacT 2.0 as the coach now and one guy is always lagging behind because he has been told to get down low in the Defensive zone and make sure the puck is out before headin up ice. This of itself can be managed if you have multiple D men that can or will join the rush. the oilers have exactly one of those.

Not a fallacy at all. Last year, I doubt most teams gave the Hopkins line much respect, and no one really knew much about the guy given he was a rookie. Teams study film, and I'm sure most teams prepare to shut the Hopkins line down first and foremost now as the game plan. Much easier to play another teams checking line than their first line. You never have to worry about being score on much with a checking line. Now, they have to worry about shutting another line down and scoring against it. It's a duel edged sword now. They're getting more minutes this year, but that in and of itself isn't a solution. They're expected to be much more responsible defensively this year as it's become a push for the playoffs type of year. I'm not saying they've been worldbeaters in the scoring department, as we all know that's not true. But I believe they'll get better and better as the season goes on.

As for not having a d-man join the play, I'm not sure what you're talking about. Justin Schultz spends most of his shifts jumping into offensive plays, which is something we never had last year.

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