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Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
Look, Miller probably isn't there yet but bear in mind he's 19 years old and in his 2nd year.
What I see in Miller that I don't see in Kreider right now(despite Kreider having a superior skill set and size) is Miller works harder more often and appears to have a higher hockey IQ.

Again, just my opinion!
Largely agree, except to specify I don't believe Kreider is lazy.
He's tentative.
He knows he's proven he has the ability.
But instead of focusing on making more plays, he's concerned about not being the goat on another throw-away pass like in the playoffs.He needs to get past that and related subliminal memories. With experience, the good will quickly outweigh the bad.

But remember he's had minimal AHL experience. I think we are better off having his talent here and let him learn on the job if we can give him enough minutes, which we can. Once he's less tentative and more confident, we will be fully good to go with him.

He will at minimum be another Dave Keon.
He might or might not yet turn into another Pavel Bure.
It remains to be seen. I stand by what I have said.

On another topic relative to this thread, Miller stays.
I was on record he was good enough to be called up now and stay if his contribution as either depth to what we have now or as replacement on a speed line w/Hags + Cally or Kreider making someone, presumably Stepan or Boyle, movable if there was a profitable upgrade on a return.

It has now been determined by mgmt that despite the biz advantages of not accelerating his contractual status, the play of Miller brings more to the team NOW, despite need for further development, to justify promotion and retaining at the big club.

I stand by what I have said.

My detractors take their shots, which is their right, even if/when they are wrong as in this case.

So to those Ranger brethren here at the Boards whether civil detractor or not a not, who was open minded to give it the benefit of the doubt, and to those who were so arrogant and so sure there was no possible way I could be right about Miller that they had to not merely disagree, which is their right, but constantly vilify and mock or insult me.

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