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02-16-2013, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by IcedCapp View Post
I guess I missed that implication in 'teams just don't do that." So some teams do it.
Would you have liked us to trade TK for picks and claim somebody off waivers to take his spot? No? Then it's not the same thing.

Along those lines, what about the Flyers? Are they not a contender? I seem to remember they shipped out veterans - namely their captain, Mike Richards, and Jeff Carter - so that younger kids could play.
You're extrapolating what I said into something else entirely if you think this is anything but a huge stretch. Carter and Richards were not underperforming veterans in danger of being benched. They both had excellent final seasons in Philly and everybody was shocked to see them traded. I am floored that you would even suggest this is comparable to wanting TK or Adams benched for Jeffrey, Tangradi, or other AHL fodder.

Maybe the Pens should build their team with a little more urgency and desperation. Maybe "key cogs" such as Adams and Kenendy shouldn't have a roster spot because of what they did 2 or 3 years ago.
I could care less about Adams. He's not any good and I could care less if he were benched, traded, or waived. Kennedy on the other hand has been a productive third liner on this team for years, and it's reasonable that he's given more than 15 games to get his game back on track, especially given the other options at DB's disposal.

I'm not talking about gifting "fringe NHLers" 15-minutes a game in the top-6. If Craig Adams roster spot is the "hill you want to die on", well, uh, good luck with that.
You asked me why Bylsma doesn't bench veterans for unproven, borderline NHL caliber talent. I'm telling you it's because coaches by and large do not do that. There may be an example here and there of that not holding true but in those cases you're talking in all likelihood about a team like the Islanders, Jets, or some other lottery team.

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