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02-16-2013, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Synergy27 View Post
Hitting the nail on the head as per usual.

If Brad Richards hasn't earned some leeway then who has? Calling out a guy for playing badly and stating that he needs to improve is one thing (well, two things technically I guess), but completely reversing course and calling for a buyout or a trade after the guy made a huge positive impact just a season ago reeks of shortsighted impatience.

If this continues all season and the teams ends up disappointing the maybe it will be time to have this conversation, but there is zero need to be having it now.
How is shortsightedness seeing the writing on the wall for the next 7 years ahead? One group however is looking long term, and feels he will return to the form he HAD. Others are looking long term seeing what we have now and looking at what happenned with previous old signings and it's very warranted that we wonder if we will need to do this to avoid hamstringing this franchise moving forward.

We're both looking ahead but we're just looking at different things

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