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02-16-2013, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Islanderfan17 View Post
He has been horrendous, and this is coming from a huge Streit fan. I don't know what has happened to this guy but everything about his play says "I don't care" which is really depressing coming from our captain. I get he isn't a physical player or energy player, but we all know that he can be a smart and tactile player which he hasn't been at ALL this season. His defense has been pretty atrocious and he hasn't been offensively good like he has been in the past. I hate how we give him the puck to carry up on our PP and he just takes his sweet ass time and makes the most predictable and slowest pass that is humanly possible so the other team can zero in on that guy ASAP. He also isn't shooting the puck enough with his slapshot like he did in the past on the PP. In the past, he also used to have success by jumping in on the play but that's not happening either.

Overall, it seems like a total lack of effort on his part. I don't think he is mentally focused or motivated and it's clear as day to me. We all know that Mark Streit can play better than this and that he is in pretty good shape, there is really no excuse for how our captain has been playing. I support him getting the "C" but now I want them to strip it from him and give it to JT, who has stepped up as this teams true leader with his on ice play.
You see what I see. He has been really lazy with the puck, almost like he could care less most shifts. Watching Visnovsky, then Streit... It is really hard to not get unhappy with his play and I say that having been really unhappy with Vis long before he touched Islander ice. But when I see a guy who OBVIOUSLY doesn't want to be here play with 10 times the effort level than the ******* "Captain" of the team I get unhappy.

Just watch the power plays tonight. There will be Streit, lazily manning the point, static or next to static while the defense collapses on him slowly, and there will be Vis looking like a jitterbug on fire on the blueline, like you are supposed to to get the defense to move, opening lanes for shooting or passing.

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