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Originally Posted by Puhis View Post
The ideal situation would be an assistant coach who would be in charge of the tactics and PP. Yeo can handle lines with the assistant, as well as talking to the team and actually coaching the players.

He seems to have a God-given talent or just a very good sense of bringing most out of a bad team. That can (and will) come in handy when your team is riddled with injuries and you have to play the simple, scrappy games. No one can work wonders with what we had last winter, but to do what he did last fall was incredible. There was a reason why we compared Mike Yeo to God himself, because we sure as hell witnessed a miracle. We had no right to be there.

The thing is, the hockey we played back then? Very similar to the one we're playing now, but the guys last year were doing it better simply because, well, we had a team full of grinders and Heatley. Look at Nick Johnson. The guy was picked off waivers, a nobody essentially. He was playing in the first line with Dany ****ing all-star Heatley and Kyle Brodziak, who made himself a superstar inside this organization with his gritty, two-way play that produced goals and victories. That's the kind of players that suit Dany Heatley's current style, too, so it's not a mistake to play him with Zach Parise and Mikko Koivu.

And that said, he's not a bad coach. He just doesn't seem to have experience coaching a team that's actually expected to win. And when we think of his years playing hockey in the IHL with Houston Aeros, it's no wonder. He was a gritty guy himself. A fighter, if you will, but not a goon. And when you look at our team, it was like Mike Yeo made into a hockey team. He loves his grit guys, the fighters and the scrappers. The ones who do the silent work, the back-checkers and the hitters. And it's not a bad thing to be more scrappy then the opposing team, to play game seven in middle of November. However, it is a bad thing when you're trying to get scrappy with a team that actually has a chance of making the game seven in the middle of May.

I don't know Mike Yeo as a person, or even as a coach. I've seen interviews with him, I've seen him coach the Houston Aeros and the Minnesota Wild, and the product on the ice. I've watched him from a fans perspective, and I'm not a professional by any means. Hell, half of this board knows more about hockey than I do. But that said, when I look at the current Minnesota Wild, I see a great team on paper forced to play a style that doesn't suit them. Who knows, it might change. Maybe we see a Minnesota Wild that will out-possess, out-dangle and absolutely out-play the Wings on Sunday. Maybe it's a game that makes us regret that we ever thought that sacking Mike Yeo would be a good idea. But sadly, I don't see it happening. Mike Yeo doesn't seem like a stupid man, far from it, but he isn't a genius nor does he have the necessary experience to turn a team around like that.
Well said. This is the vibe I get from Yeo too. He has shown great psychological eye and talent to motivate and get the most out of many players individually, but I have started to question his tactical prowess. He is a rookie head coach and maybe he improves with years. Right now his toolbox seems a bit lacking. I think he can coach this team into playoffs but if next year the play on ice is still as ineffective and uncreative as right now, maybe it's best to hire an experienced coach who can take us to the next level. There should be some available later when teams start to fire their underachieving head coaches.

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