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Originally Posted by pcanuck View Post
One of the issues fans face that GMs should not is that trades are a part of a business strategy and not personal. Chevy has a problem!

You trade a player when their value is at its highest point, not its lowest. Players like Burmi and Kane are currently in high positions. So is Buff and Enstrom - they are in their primes and we can rebuild very quickly if you are landing 2-3-4-5 first round picks. While they may be essential for the team NOW, if there is a true idea of building for the future - they should be traded while their value is sky high. Waiting, like we did with Wheeler, Antropov and even Wellwood last year did nothing and now they are scraps. Trading each of those players for a 2-3rd pick last year creates options. FA even allows the team to even get them back and receive picks.

This is the problem with Chevy - his heart is in this thing. If we are realistic about building like Nashville, etc. you have to act like it. Being dismissive and searching the waiver wire for castaways is nuts ... it's avoiding the real problem. Our D sucks, our F suck, the G is terrible and the coach can't motivate. I'm unsure what Chevy is waiting for. Once the fans begin to get on this team (and it has begun) watch out! Our players will lose value. Kane's value, due to a stupid picture has already left some fans in Winnipeg and other teams wondering. This is the problem! This GM over values our players and trades them when they are at their lowest point. Jets like a fan would.

A sign of some troubling things ahead if you ask me.

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I don't get this though. Why do you trade away pieces that can help you win to acquire draft picks that may or may not develop into pieces that may help you win in the future?

It doesn't make sense. A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. If you wanted to trade say, Kane, because you thought he was too one dimensional or causes problems, then I get that. However, he is a player that other GM's would trade actual young NHL'ers for. Those players are ALWAYS worth more than draft picks.

If you want to trade a guy like Antropov because you don't see us making the playoffs. I get that too. He and Hainsey are the kinds of guys that trading for picks make sense.

If you are talking about trading a guy like Burmistrov for picks, you lost me. This guy is right on the edge of being a very important hockey player to a winning team. He is a core piece and you don't move that, unless you are getting a core piece back.

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