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02-16-2013, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
Somebody mentioned vision of the team. It's there, but it is a failing vision. Snow White and the 7 Dwarves. JT will lead us. Not happening. Hockey is a team game and is integrated.

Robinson for HC is a joke. He was on intermission promoting the same tired stuff about dirty goals. The last two 5on5 goals for the Sharks were transition chances. They are right about execution on breakouts, but it is the breakout strategy. Watch the wingers cling the boards to get the hard arounds. Look at Chicago where they pulled their wingers just off the boards and had a first option of direct passes rather than hard arounds. And the wingers start the breakout with a big battle just to get it over their own blueline and you wonder why the Sharks are slow through the neutral zone . . . Please . . . . And when they do get it off the boards for a direct pass, watch your little darling Vlasic throw the puck into Pavelski's skates on a clear pass and then follow the opponent into the Sharks' zone.

Watch everyone and their brother throw soft passes to the slot when their isn't a teal jersey in the vicinity. Maybe they should be trying bad angle shots. Watch no look passes go directly to the opposition (Gomez).

Their PK works but it is a very conservative strategy. I doubt that they will have even one shortie in the entire season if they continue with the strategy. Very short PK shifts and no forwards pressuring the point. The strategy works for the Sharks in that it covers skating deficiencies with shorter distances to travel. Winners take risks.

When things go south for any team, the temptation is to go more conservative. Things like execution are not conservative, but what we are seeing on the ice indicates choices that are being made from pure conservatism. Winning coaches give all of their players some license not just a select few. Losers keep going back to "win battles", "dirty goals", etc., the same old trite phrases that we have been hearing for eons. Those phrases translate to excuses for lack of vision ultimately mean that they don't know the answers.

And BTW, look at JT's passing outside of the offensive zone. I have seen quite a few that looks like he is catching Vlasic disease. It looks like it is an issue of moving feet and the closing defender is pressuring him into mistakes.

It's pretty grim, but changing personnel whether they be players or coaches is not the answer. The answer starts with vision and has to start higher than with what we see on the ice.
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