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02-16-2013, 01:42 PM
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Bubba, Goldham was a LH shot.

Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
Awesome breakdown, overpass. My long-held opinion of Rousseau is that he has always been a legit ATD scoringliner in terms of what he brought to the ice. It's nice to see him finally get a shot in that role here. I think he's actually a quite good scoringline "glue guy" (or complementary player) so long as his softness is not an issue, which I don't think it is on a line with Lindsay and Kennedy.
I need to be more sold on Rousseau's defensive ability before thinking of him as a good glue guy, rather than a merely passable one.

Originally Posted by markrander87
Agreed, I think GM's just become robotic in thinking which line a player can play on due to past draft positions and placements.

That was my mindset going in, I wanted stray away from the traditional way things are done.
yeah, there are definitely guys pigeonholed into being third liners who are better offensively than a lot of the grinders often found on scoring lines in this thing.

Originally Posted by Hobnobs
I was looking at Tocchet and Dino. Decided that Dino was far and away better at basically everything except fighting.
Tocchet was much better in the corners too. Dino wasn't that much of a corners guy, more of a guy who would do whatever it takes in front of the net. Dino is much better offensively though.

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