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07-10-2006, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by turnbuckle View Post
It's not being rude, it's pointing out soemthing that has been regularly mentioned on this board. Why exactly would you quote his whole lengthy post, only to say "good stuff" ? - do you figure we're all dense and wouldn't be able to figure out who you were talking about, or are you the one that's dense? Considering your amateurish reply, i'm leaning towards the latter.

As for phony rumours....Come again? So you are another yellowbelly accusing me of being a liar? Takes a real man to do that.

Why exactly would I do that - make up a story about how a player interviewed? I merely reported what I was told by a scout - obviously that's hard for some of you to take because he ended up being a Hab pick - so I must have made it all up.

Funny thing is - if the Leafs would have drafted him, you and your types (people that jump to erroneous conclusions) would have been the first to laugh about how the Leafs had drafted an 'idiot', but since he ended up being a Hab, I must have made the whole thing up. Funny stuff!!

well....I'm a Hab fan too....think about it Einstein.
You are good with false assumptions and name calling. We can assume that your rumours are false conclusions that you draw.

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