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02-16-2013, 02:31 PM
Couts=0 offense
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I believe the Flyers orginazation, is very very slow to observe the negative surrounding players and coaching staff, they focus a ton on the positives and the good memories they've had, and they are way too nice in the way of helping ex-players come back to the team, ie Boosh, Knuble, Feds, the list goes on, IMO the need a GM that is all business, if you aren't good for the team you're gone, coaches and players, I would like to see a GM who's not an ex-Flyer also, the organization needs to sit down and figure out what type of hockey they want to play, what brand and style, honestly it should be based around Giroux, Couts, and Schenn, plug the pieces in, find a coach who can actually put a system out on the ice that fits the players who are in it, look at NJ it doesn't matter who they lost they keep playing winning hockey, they plug in players that work in their system, so to answer the question yes I would fire Lavy and Homer in the offseason and reshape this teams future

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