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Originally Posted by Homeland Security View Post
You lose all credibility there. You can thank the idiots who've been elected in Nassau for the move to Brooklyn.
You can't have a myopic opine here.

Murray presented the law on the books for zoning.....but she could have handled it better. Nassau GOP fought to have a massive overdevelopment that would hurt localities as much as they fought the LHP. Nassau Dems fought a bidding idea that Wang would be not paying into with the referendum.....the reason it lost as Wang would let overruns be paid by tax payers, not the beneficiary of the deal - Wang.

And Wang would not negotiate, the size down he proposed actually added more square footage to the plan with his two towers instead of one idea. Wang, again, would not negotiate with Murray or anyone with his "take it or leave it" stance.

The move to Brooklyn was made because someone who would not negotiate painted his own wagon and finally decided to take all his toys and go home. The blame, not entirely but quite thoroughly, rests with one Charles Sit Down And Shut Up Wang.

And if Wang sells, the move to Brooklyn is much, much nicer to this fan and others. I might just pay to see them play again!!!!!!!!!

{He'll be dead before I go and pay money to see them live at home again, mark my word - ten plus years and counting since that ****eating ****bucket ever got one dime from me}

But, again, I doubt it's true. He's not gonna sell.

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