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Henrik's the problem with the powerplay. He handles the puck more than anybody else, but if you're a defender, you know he's not going to shoot because he only has 19 shots in 13 games. That's ~120 over an 82 game schedule. He has 0 goals this year, is not a threat to score at all, which allows defenders to cheat extensively on passing lanes.

That, and zone entries. Wasting too much energy / time on the PP by not being able to enter the zone with efficiency. We lose an extra 3-5 seconds every single time we have to enter the zone, which is not acceptable if the Canucks want to win the Cup.

Post-lockout: Henrik Sedin points vs. shots

112p - 166 shots
94p - 157 shots
82p - 143 shots
81p - 134 shots
81p - 113 shots
76p - 141 shots
75p - 113 shots

Aside from the 76 point season, there's a clear correlation between the points / shots of Henrik Sedin. Is it safer to say that Henrik shoots more because he has more points, or to say that Henrik has more points because he shoots more? I'd say the latter because if you don't/can't shoot: it doesn't matter what sport you are in, nobody will defend the shot and everybody will focus their energy on cutting down the pass.

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