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Originally Posted by 19 in a row View Post
This... so I can add him to my list with Kate Murray and the rest of the politicians. I ran into a friend on the train the other day who I hadn't seen in 20 years. He was a huge Islander fan in the day, said he will no longer root for them but become a Ranger fan since they will be the most convenient for him and can't root for an Islander team in Brooklyn since it will no longer be our Islanders.. two years ago this would have been blasphemy, now I don't think it will be so crazy.. me, i will most likely stop following pro hockey when they move.. I have bled blue and orange through the lean years, now I still go to every game(bought my season tix before the move was announced) but the feeling is not the same... ownership and the politicians have given us the middle finger for too long.

So you're going to stop following hockey because the team is moving 20 miles west? I moved 1200 miles away and follow the Isles more now than I ever did before. The feeling doesn't change. The only difference is a new building and a few more miles drive. Now if you said you were fed up cause Wang is a cheap SOB, that I can buy, but because the team is moving a few miles? Damn! Ask Thrasher fans how they felt losing a team all together or Winnipeg fans the first time their team left. Wang could of sold and the Isles could have been known as the Kansas City Tornados, but instead a 20 mile move allows them to remain the New York Islanders and the best part, the name is still true to a location.

Originally Posted by RealSturat View Post
THE TEAM IS MOVING 20 MILES AWAY, you are bailing as a fan and you have a friend who is now "conveniently" a Rangers fan now. Let me guess. He was a Mets fan in the 80s too and is a Yankees fan now. Weather is always nice where he goes apparently.

I have lived OFF Long Island since 1989 and I still and will always bleed orange in blue. As long as the team remained in the metro NY area, I will be a fan.

Don't think I could have easily become a Penguins fan here in Cleveland? I could have, but I didn't. If I had I would have rooted for a champion already. As a Mets, Jets, and Isles fan, that would have been nice. I have driven 8 hours from Cleveland just to go to playoff games. 450 miles. Sorry the 20 miles is too much for you.

I am not happy with Wang. The cap circumvention and cheap **** since the last playoff run has been disgusting. I am pissed at politicians and the absolute debacle of how this team, once the pride of the Island, was handled.

In the end, this team could have been in KC or Seattle. But it is still in NY. End result, better days are ahead and I can't wait to see it come to fruition.
I follow the Isles harder now that I am further away. I appreciate them more being away from NY. Being away fro my team even made me appreciate the sport more and I picked up a team B in the Lightning.

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