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Originally Posted by Brogosian View Post
I don't disagree with this. I just think that Burmistrov>>ROR. Maybe not right now, but I bet in 3 years they won't even be close when it comes to importance on their team.

I do agree we aren't getting ROR for spare parts. However, I think his contract demands hurt what Colorado will get for him, because now more than ever, cap space is considered along with age, talent level, and potential.

Little might be enough to get it done. Little + Postma is a very good deal for Coloraddo.
If his contract hurts the value Colorado can or will get , so much the better for Winnipeg ,presuming they have genuine interest.

Serious question , not what you hope for , but what level of player and production do you expect from Burmistrov? Also , are you ok with waiting until he is 25 to get said return? Is it also ok to wait for that as opposed to getting it right now? He is 22 and has had a lot of opportunity to provide results imo.

He has skills but as I have mentioned multiple times and sure his supporters are sick of hearing , that does not mean he is effectively making a difference to wins and losses. He may take the advise he has been given and translate that to making a real difference , or he may not as has been the case. You have to know when to sell , and not saying the Jets have to sell Burmistrov , but they do have to make that decision imo.

Right now Little is providing more of that Burmistrov imo and could be considered more valuable as a piece in a trade , by the team trading for him and the Jets. Saying that , I am sure if the Jets value ROR they would consider Little/Postma as their end of the trade , but again , I do not know if Colorado would make the trade for those 2.

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