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02-16-2013, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by justinboo View Post
I think they should keep Joe Thornton but trade marleau for a few guys. Seeing joe fight the other night shows a lot that he still wants to fight for us to win. As much as i enjoy marleau's goals hes just too quiet. I remember seeing him in last years playoffs, right before he stepped onto the ice he pulled a tug on on his chest around his diaphram. He doesnt want to be a shark inside. At least thats what i got from his body language.

And is it just me or do the guys look straight up tired on the ice?

they just look lethargic, i wonder how much tmac is working them in practice?

They really do need drew remenda behind that bench. He has soooooo much passion for them even after all the dissappointments.

Marleau just needs a new team though for reals... I dont believe he can win it with the sharks. It would be good for him.
-I would hardly say it looked like Joe wanted to fight, in fact the only time he has looked any more disinterested...well has been the last 5+ games.
-The whole team minus Wingels and sometimes Sheppard and Demers have looked like they haven't sharpened their skates in months, seriously that's what it looks like.
-We don't want Remenda behind the bench, I'm with everyone else, go with some combo of Robinson/Johnson as the head coach. TMac's situation is very similar to Boudreau in Washington, started his HC career with a bang but has not been able to control the team consistently; unlike the Caps we have some good hockey minds that could takeover right away.

If we are going back to the Thornton/Marleau debate, I would rather trade Thornton.
Marleau's play isn't concerning me as much as Jumbo, almost all elite wingers are streaky, and honestly we are expecting it at this point. It is more troubling when the captain of the team is unable to elevate his game time and time again.
Pavelski and Couture are now at the level to play a 1a/1b center role. I'm almost at the point where I want to see the team handed over to them, Pavs is a true competitor and leader and they are misusing his talents sticking him on Thornton's wing to catch pretty passes. Jumbo also would fetch a better return and is more likely to waive his ntc.
idk who knows, he and this team are so damn streaky in a few weeks there will probably be a "Thornton is a lock for the HoF" thread on the main's like that Ratt song.

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