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12-18-2003, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Caniacforever
Here is my breakdown on how the deal shakes out:

Nabokov > Weekes
Dimitrakos <<< O'Neill

The differance between Nabokov and Weekes, all things considered, is pretty marginal. Kevin has been effective in nets for us ever since he came over in the deal from Tampa. Nabokov missed a pretty good amount of camp and preseason and such with contract disputes if I remember correctly. What I think Weekes lacks in skill compared to Nabokov, which I think isn't all that significant, he makes up in reliability and having no issues coming up with a contract last offseason. Weekes is the goalie of the future for the Hurricanes and now that Laviolette is in town, we should see him getting a little more run support when it comes to the gems that he has been known to post and either lose or tie. Even if this deal was Weekes and a 3rd for Nabokov, i'd still respectfully decline. It's a lateral move at best by trading a goaltender that has been hot for us for a goaltender who we haven't even seen very much of due to the fact that he plays across the conference.

Now. Here is where the major beef of the deal is. With all due respect to Dimitrakos, who I haven't even really heard of before I saw this proposal, he's not worth Jeff O'Neill straight up. He could be a wonderful guy and all, great at parties and everything, but Jeff O'Neill is a fairly consistant 60+ point player. Dimitrakos is little more than a decent prospect. Jeff has scored 25+ goals for the past 4 years, can Dimitrakos match those numbers with similar? I'm honestly doubting it. When you're a boring trap team like Carolina has been for the past few years, you don't trade your only valuable scorer for a question mark. It simply doesn't happen.

So there, thats my take.
good. nice take! i can see where you're coming from, and much as I like Weekes, i still dont' consider him a top-tier goaltender, whereas, when Nabokov is on his game, he's one of the best. that said, when Weekes is on his game, he's pretty darn good too...

i made the O'Neill proposal, not because the Canes want to trade one of their best players, but because he blows goat right now. i was thinking of adding something to the Canes side of things, just because Jeff is the whole package when playing well, but i wasn't sure how it would play out. i still think its a fair deal, but i see your points too...

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