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02-16-2013, 03:18 PM
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Excellent post; I like what i see from the "new" Burmi.

Originally Posted by Brogosian View Post
I think what hurts Burmistrov's value on HF Jets is his lack of points. It's fair, the guy is supposed to score for us and set guys up.

I think when you start peeling the Burmistrov onions layers back is when you truly start to see the player he is becoming. Here are the reasons I believe he is a real beaut, and very underrated:

He has already shown he is very skilled, and has demonstrated he can score at every other level he's played

He has committed himself to being the best, most responsible player on the ice every shift he takes. How many young, offensively gifted players are that unselfish? Not many.

He is known to be a rink rat. Dedicated to practice, learning and getting better.

This kid reinvented himself. He is really becoming a premiere defensive forward and I think if you saw rookie Burmistrov, you would never guess he would do that. He scored at a higher level, but at what cost.

I think what #8 is doing right now is building up his defensive base. I think more and more you see he is now starting to add his offensive flair to that. Already this season I've seen him do more dynamic things offensively as games go on. All the while he is still extremely mindful of his defensive responsibility. Even the CBC guys commented on it last night.

I honestly, truthfully believe we are seeing the emergence of one of the NHL's premiere 2 way players. I think if we traded him now, we would regret it for years and years. Some have said Datsyuk lite, and I agree.

Others look at the scoresheet and see a guy who isn't really putting up the points we'd hoped. I see way more from Alex.

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