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Originally Posted by Homeland Security View Post
Yes, I can actually. Politicians have bent over backwards to stick their heads up their butts for their friends to get deals done. For Wang, Murray basically didn't want to budge because she feels she's protecting some nostalgia of island past. You had a team owner willing to finance his own vision (very rare these days), and TOH gave him the finger. Wang wouldn't negotiate because Murray's vision wasn't feasible or economically viable as many stated.

Go for Wang finally being fed and taking his toys. How long was the Lighthouse BS going on for? 8-10 years? I wouldn't have even waited that long. I would have told Nassau and TOH screw you a lot sooner.

Listen, Wang's got a lot of faults. I'll give you that. I don't like all he's done. The fact of us working on a $15- budget pisses me off. But I give Wang credit for trying to keep the Isles in Nassau and when faced with no prospects there, keeping them somewhat local in Brooklyn. Because we easily could have been looking at the Kansas City Tornados or the Quebec _____________.
Wang was given a reduction EXPLICITLY with a chance to negotiate. Wang would not budge...."yes or no."

The area could not accommodate the whole project and Wang refused to compromise. If he got 70 percent.....he still says no.

Now add Bettman said explicitly the team was not moving, Forbes said the team lost $4-15M a year each year and Wang would not provide complete plans for the LHP after several proddings. He's no hero. His ONE compromise ADDED DEVELOPMENT when he reduced the one tower to two smaller ones with more square footage.

Now the referendum....Wang promised it was revenue neutral but would not later do so when called on the initial overrun projections and essentially admitted taxpayers would be saddled with the bill for the first few years, with taxpayers having their taxes go up as he initially promised would not happen. No events, no revenue, but the bond was to be paid with????

He's lied and cheated throughout. I don't know how you can't see a businessman dealing with a government with STRICT rules in place had to compromise with the environmental concerns and the fiscal realities of the area.

Again, there was to be more residents moved into the area and the allotted projection costs for new school expansion, additional staff and so on was not even close to being covered by the project plans. Add the meager amount to roads, to water usage, to sewer improvements.

Murray extended the olive branch, as did Mangano. NEGOTIATE.

We got, "take it or leave it," from our petulant owner.

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